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Cooperative Information Management System

CoopSolve is a cooperative information management system that operates in a software as a service solution framework which aims to minimize the risks and inconvenience of managing Cooperative financial transactions most notably payment and collection of loans, payments and membership management. Now you can automate and simplify your Cooperative tasks for yourself, your members, and executives. With CoopSolve Cooperative software,you’ll be able to manage loan transactions seamlessly while automating savings transactions including deposits, loan interest, sales and reports.

  • we have been supporting cooperatives for years and have fine-tune our processes and operation to accommodate differential conditions that may arise from time to time
  • We offer a bespoke service, taking the time to understand you and your cooperative activities and working as a seamless extension of your team to provide realistic solutions without the overheads
  • we'll meet your unique requirements with professional, proven solutions that are both time-efficient and cost-effective.

Coopsolve is a leading provider of accountancy, tax and financial advisory services to SMEs, corporates, entrepreneurs, private clients, professional practices and not-for-profit organisations. We operate accross the states in Nigeria and intentionally through the Africa network, giving us considerable experience in working in working with intentional companies

Why Use Coopsolve

Our Features

Loan Management

Record past, present, and future loan transactions seamlessly on your device. Fetch loan records of your organisation when needed without any bureaucracy involved.

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Savings Management With Auto Debit

Create a savings account for members. Add transactions including deposits and withdrawals. Interest on savings are automatically added by the system.

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Generate Financial Reports

View detailed reports on your organisation's financial transactions. Reports are all in one place and easily reached.

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Membership Management

Register new members on the platform. Update current members' information. Manage members' financial transactions.

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Staff Management

Bring your team online and manage them like a pro. Assign roles and grant priviledges at your own discretion.

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Payment Notifications

Get notified of payment transactions. Notify members automatically of due payments made and payment schedules.

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Who uses CoopSolve...

  • Cooperatives

    • Credit cooperatives
    • Agricultural/Farmers' cooperatives
    • Housing cooperatives
    • Multipurpose cooperatives
    • Others
  • Associations

    • Alumni Associations
    • Professional Associations
    • Political Associations
    • Religious Associations
    • Others
  • Microfinance

    • Community Banks
    • Private Microfinance
    • Government-Owned Microfinance
    • Foreign Microfinance
    • Others
  • Others

    • Non-Profits
    • NGOs
    • Clubs
    • Students' & Teachers' Organisations

Problems We have Solved

Our solutions save you a lot of trouble.

We have anticipated every headaches you may have been facing before when managing loans and our software solutions help you solve them seamlessly.

Our Cool Features
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