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Cooperative Loan Management made Easy

Now you can automate and simplify your Cooperative tasks for yourself, your members, and board.
With CoopSolve Cooperative database, you’ll be able to escape Excel Hell. All your members data lives safely in the cloud so multiple users can access it from a desktop, phone or tablet.Our software is equipped with automated loan and savings management module that enables cooperatives to record and manage loan transactions seamlessly while automating savings transactions including deposits, loan interest and reports.

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Coopsolve is offered as a licenced software for custom management of cooperative societies and other organisations.


Loan Management

Use this platform to manage the loan transactions and applications of members of your organisation. Below are the processes involved.

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Savings and Deposits
Monthly Savings/Savings Manager

Save Money with ease

  • Monthly Savings/Savings Manager
  • Select Member.
  • Select Monthly agreed fee
  • Select Amount to be deposited.
  • Select shared capital.



Loans History

Chart of Accounts

Finacial Setup

Payment Schedule

Your Records at your fingertips

Access Financial Records

  • Annual Financial
  • Disposal of Surplus Funds
  • Personal financial statement of members
  • List of Balances
  • Others
  • Print your records as needed
Community Integration

Manage Memberships

  • Add New Members to your Cooperative
  • Import details of existing members to our database
  • Access records of your members at a click
  • Edit and manage your memberships.